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Bert Jerred's Muzoink Soundfont Library

Soundfont Library, Volume 1 Bert Jerred · Toys MIDI Demo This is the Muzoink Soundfont Library, Volume 1, containing over 100 unique samples/voices across four original soundfont projects. All were made by Bert Jerred. Purchase:   Here's What You Get: The Blip  (.sf2) Soundfont Presets: Clean Fuzzy Harsh Nasty Squeezed The Cheap Toys  (.sf2) Sounfont Presets: Mandolin Blorp Bling Bling Blong Flute 1 Xylophone Trolley Hey Ya Flute 2 Guitar Music Box Organ Piano Pizzicato Piano Saxophone Trumpet Violin Percussion Phonics is Phun The   ElectroFriend  (.sf2)  Soundfont Presets: Balloon Buffoon Basic Dumb Honk Big Eater Black Dice Blue Screen Breathy Electrics Bug Peel Burn the Everything Bworp Cave Dummy Chibzy Coin! Coin! Cool Baby Crisis Crunch Cop Cry of the Grungus Cyber Twerp Don't Get Close Eep First Bird Problems Frigsquito Fuffer Funtly Full Stop Git Out Gizeep Goon Grungus Slappo Grungus Splashy Grungus Tingle Gudu Hooverhead Hot Wire Cutte