MuzoinkSynth Documentation

System Requirements:

This program currently works on Windows.

Csound is required to run Muzoink Synth.

Muzoink Synth relies on the Csound audio programming language for its core functionality. Csound provides a powerful and versatile environment for sound synthesis and processing. It is widely used and trusted in the audio industry. To ensure that Muzoink Synth operates smoothly and without any issues, please make sure you have Csound installed on your system.

Follow the installation instructions provided on the Csound website to properly install it on your computer. Once Csound is installed, you will be able to fully utilize the features and capabilities of Muzoink Synth. Please note that Muzoink Synth may not function correctly or at all if Csound is not installed or if an incompatible version of Csound is used.

File Placement Requirements:

MuzoikSynth.exe should be installed in the same folder as MuzoikSynth.csd. Under normal circumstances, this has already happened during installation.

If you use the included plgins, a copy of MuzoikSynth.csd will need to be placed alongside the MuzoinkSynth virtual instrument files: MuzoinkSynth.dll (VST) and MuzoinkSynth.vst3 (VST3), wherever you use these.


You can save your settings as presets. Here are a few you can download and try.


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